EdA’s camp management activity is :
camps built
+33 800
Kg of hazardous waste collected
+237 000
M³ of water distributed

Meeting the needs of military personnel in overseas operations

Since the early 1990s, the EdA has been supporting operations in a predominantly international context, most often using its own resources to carry out multi-service and multi-technical activities.

By often carrying out multi-service and multi-technical activities with its own resources, EdA offers a very comprehensive support offering that meets the needs of military personnel in operations, including :

  • – Construction of camp facilities
  • – Infrastructure upkeep and maintenance
  • – Water and energy production
  • – Water treatment
  • – Waste management and environmental protection
  • – Protection against fire and pests
  • – Protection of the camp from intruders
  • – Dismantling facilities
  • – Human support: accommodation, laundry, maintenance of living spaces
  • – Infrastructure maintenance
  • – Maintenance of hot and cold equipment
  • – Personnel conditioning during operations, such as the provision of sports facilities
    (sports halls and pitches, bicycles), social areas and shops
  • – Transport and routing within theatres

Combining a commitment to service, responsiveness, and flexibility, EdA swiftly addresses the diverse needs of the armed forces.