EdA’s camp management activity is :
+ 400
Tons of linen processed
+33 800
Kg of hazardous waste collected
+237 000
M³ of water distributed

Since the early 1990s, EdA has been providing support to operations, primarily on an international scale

By often carrying out multi-service and multi-technical activities with its own resources, EdA offers a very comprehensive support offering that meets the needs of military personnel in operations, including :

  1. Construction of camp facilities
  2. Infrastructure upkeep and maintenance
  3. Water and energy production
  4. Water treatment
  5. Waste management and environmental protection
  6. Protection against fire and pests
  7. Protection of the camp from intruders
  8. Dismantling facilities
  9. Human support: accommodation, laundry, maintenance of living spaces
  10. Infrastructure maintenance
  11. Maintenance of hot and cold equipment
  12. Personnel conditioning during operations, such as the provision of sports facilities
    (sports halls and pitches, bicycles), social areas and shops
  13. Transport and routing within theatres

Distribution, catering, and the implementation of digital solutions complement the full range of camp management services, essentially encompassing the concept of “Facility Management.”

Combining a commitment to service, responsiveness, and flexibility, EdA swiftly addresses the diverse needs of the armed forces.