A public establishment serving the armed forces

A long-standing partner in the support of the French armed forces, l’Économat des Armées provides services in food distribution and logistics, catering, construction, infrastructure, camp management, the supply of leisure services and digital solutions, and event support.
The EdA complements the support services provided by the Ministry of the Armed Forces, and acts on the instructions of the Armed Forces General Staff, its supervisory authority.


In France and abroad

The Économat des Armées (EdA) operates throughout France – including in the French overseas departments and territories (DROM-COM) – as well as abroad, in support of deployed forces or as part of overseas operations.

Thanks to its know-how and expertise in organizing and managing requirements, the EdA also works for the United Nations (UN), the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and other French ministries (Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office, etc.).

For over a hundred years

The origins of the Économat des Armées go back to the First World War, when army cooperatives were set up to provide French soldiers with basic necessities (foodstuffs, hygiene products, stationery) on a paying basis, to supplement the supplies provided by the Intendance department. The army cooperative service was reconstituted at the dawn of the Second World War.

Since the end of the Second World War, the fields of action and scope of intervention of the forerunner of EdA have continued to evolve in line with the needs and demands of the armed forces.
In 1959, the establishment, named “Économat de l’Armée”, obtained EPIC legal status.

In 2002, a new law renamed it the “Économat des Armées”, formalizing its status as a joint organization, and broadening its scope of intervention to include support in mainland France, and its field of activity to include logistical support for armies on operations and the provision of services.

In 2004, EdA was granted central purchasing status.
Since then, the Economat’s activities have gradually expanded in line with the large-scale public procurement contracts awarded to it, reflecting the Ministry of the Armed Forces’ policy of outsourcing a wide range of day-to-day support functions for the armed forces.

A committed community

L’Économat des Armées employs over 600 people with a wide range of expertise, who work daily to support the armed forces in France and abroad.

The EdA is organized into 3 business units – the France & Catering Division (DFR), the France & Distribution Division (DFD) and the International & Operations Division (DIO) – and 6 support units: the Purchasing Division, the Finance & Accounting Division, the Information Systems Division, the Human Resources Division, the Legal Division and the Infrastructure & General Resources Division.

The establishment is headed by a commissioner general of the armed forces, under the authority of a board of directors. Chief Inspector Philippe Pourqué, 1st class, has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since June 2021.
Chief Superintendent 1st Class Philippe Gimpel is Deputy Director General, and Chief Superintendent 1st Class Samuel Girardot is Secretary General.

The ten-member Board of Directors is chaired by Stéphane Volant.