Build, renovate and maintain

Initially in response to specific needs and later at the request of the ministry, in collaboration with the Defense Infrastructure Service (SID), the Economat des Armées has developed expertise in the field of construction, renovation, and maintenance of infrastructure.

EdA simultaneously pursues objectives of preserving the state’s real estate heritage and functional modernization to:

  • – Ensure the safety of property and individuals
  • – Minimize failures while enhancing reliability
  • – Minimize downtime
  • – Maintain or upgrade the concessioned real estate assets


The infrastructure activity, extensively tested in the context of overseas operations, was further strengthened with the concession contract signed with the Ministry of Defense in 2019. Consequently, EdA is responsible for the infrastructure of the 73 restaurants under its management.

Various works of different scales have been carried out since to renovate and rehabilitate dining and reception spaces.