The logistics associated with supplying the French Armed Forces is a historical and foundational activity of the Economat.

Since its inception, the Ministry of Defense has relied on the establishment for various logistical missions aimed at providing “turnkey” solutions in support of the armed forces.

Today, EdA is capable of meeting all demands for the supply of food and peri-food products, as well as a wide range of equipment for daily life on a military camp (vehicles, furniture, boutique products, etc.). This includes deliveries by land, sea, or air, whether in mainland France, the Overseas Departments and Territories (DROM-COM), or abroad, wherever French forces are present.

Thus, EdA organizes and optimizes its logistics according to the needs of its clients. Combining military logistics with civilian logistics, including commercial maritime transport (VMC) and commercial air transport (VAC), EdA manages end-to-end transportation of ordered goods and handles customs documentation as necessary. Storage solutions complement these logistical schemes.

EdA has a dedicated team for the supply of food in mainland France, with a proven supply chain from a central warehouse, and another team dedicated to exporting goods, involving transport brokers, charterers, and customs officials.

This expertise is recognized by interministerial entities, particularly in crisis management and emergency logistics, as well as by international clients such as the UN, NATO, or the European Union.

EdA’s unwavering commitment to service is demonstrated by its willingness to be present, regardless of the conjunctural and logistical challenges that arise.