EdA’s leisure activity includes :
40 000
Customers per year in EdA’s boutiques in theaters of operations
Product categories offered in these boutiques


From the very beginnings of the Economat with the establishment of army cooperatives in 1916, the original mission of improving the daily lives of French soldiers has endured.

The well-being of personnel in operations (CPO) is paramount for maintaining morale and the cohesion of military personnel deployed in theaters of operation. EdA contributes to satisfying individual private needs and strengthens unit cohesion.

EdA provides several quality services across all missions, including :

  1. Self-service shops
  2. Bars, game rooms (billiards, foosball, libraries)
  3. Snacking or gourmet dining, hospitality
  4. Gyms and bicycles
  5. Hair salons
  6. Leisure internet access

The Economat des Armées is attentive to all operations to ensure the well-being of the soldier and, in certain circumstances, their family.

The leisure activity has developed in recent years in mainland France by incorporating several bars and hotels at sites entrusted under the concession contract.