The distribution activity of EdA includes :
+ 100
Restaurants managed throughout France
150 000
Plates served daily
11 million
Meals prepared annually


The Ministry of the Armed Forces has entrusted EdA with the outsourcing of its catering services as part of a drive to modernise and improve catering services for military personnel and defence civilians.

In the long term, Minarm wants to delegate 40% of its catering activities to EdA in order to reduce the pressure on staffing levels in its own restaurants.

More than 100 military restaurants are managed by EdA in metropolitan France thanks to 2 types of model, in partnership with catering companies.

Outsourced management contract

Since 2014, EdA has been the only operator of the Ministry of the Armed Forces’ markets for the outsourcing of restaurants.

A suitable legal framework makes possible the support for the outsourcing and the establishment of a management and governance system for Minarm.

EdA ensures its commitment by entrusting collective catering companies with the production and distribution of meals.

Concession contract

The Ministry of the Armed Forces has decided to grant EdA the management of 73 restaurants for a contractual period of 10 years, with a gradual integration of the sites between 2020 and 2025.

A timetable has been drawn up to commit EdA to a seamless handover of the service to the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

In addition to managing the distribution of meals to military personnel, the concession model means that the EdA is also responsible for the infrastructure of the concession sites. This involves renovation work and bringing buildings up to standard, from public areas to kitchens.

The construction or reconstruction of 11 restaurants constitutes the most significant contribution of the Economat to the benefit of the infrastructure of army restaurants.

Collective catering abroad and in theaters of operations

Outside mainland France, EdA directly operates by itself restaurants in camps in overseas operations and French military bases under military cooperation agreements.

Meals are prepared by staff employed directly by the Economat des Armées.