The distribution activity of the EdA includes :
Food purchasing center in the public sector
70 000
Tons of provisions delivered annually within the national territory
2 800
Food and peri-food products available

EdA, supplier for military restaurants

Food supply and its associated logistics are the major activities of the Army Commissariat.

As a central purchasing agency, the establishment serves as a distributor of food and peri-food products for the entire collective catering of the Ministry of Defense. This wholesale activity extends beyond metropolitan France to supply the Overseas Departments and Territories (DROM-COM), presence forces in Africa, and overseas operations.


The centralized supply system for provisions in metropolitan France : Vivres Métropole

Through a dedicated logistics organization and a specifically developed information system, the EdA delivers 100 % of defense sites in-house every week, which includes over 300 delivery points in mainland France and Corsica.

Vivres Métropole” is the name of this centralized food supply system in mainland France.

From a 7,000 m² facility with three temperature zones located in Île-de-France, the supply for all these restaurants (direct production of all sizes, central and satellite kitchens, hospitals, logistics sites, isolated camps, and maneuver areas) amounts to 70,000 tons of provisions per year.

Pooling these purchases allows for improving the balance between quality and price, ensuring food safety and traceability of products, and distributing recognized brands, labeled products, or products from organic agriculture, primarily from the French agri-food industry.

Customized supply for support beyond metropolitan areas

For military personnel on overseas operations or for forces pre-positioned under defense agreements, EdA adapts its support and meets the needs for both food products and various goods (cleaning products, office supplies, furniture, sports equipment, home supplies, etc.) and ensures their delivery to the right destination.