The Corporal Alain Mimoun camp, whose construction began two weeks ago, is taking shape at an accelerated speed.

40% of the building frameworks have already been assembled and the configuration of the site is now clearly visible, with the locations for accommodation and for the multitude of associated services on this XXL camp of 30,000 m2.

The very tight schedule – assembly in 65 days – is, to date, strictly respected.

The major and most visible element to date is the 5,000m² restaurant. It is composed of a hundred modules the size of a bungalow for the storage, production and distribution of meals.
The kitchens are being installed with a collection of ovens, large format sauté pans, refrigerated cells in order to feed nearly five thousand guests daily. In addition, there is the XXL dining room of 2100 m².

The Economat des Armées’s teams are coordinating the frenetic activity of 4 first-rate service providers with a shared obsession : to meet the appointment of a key handover at the beginning of July.