The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and the Chiefs of Staff of the Army, the French Navy and the Air and Space Force held a meeting dedicated to the participation of the armed forces in the Paris Olympic Games at the headquarters of the EdA on Friday 3 May.

It was an opportunity for Generals Burkhard and Schill, Admiral Vaujour and Air Force General Mille, to take stock with the military governor of Paris and Lieutenant General Christophe Abad on the modalities of commitment of the armed forces in securing the major event of the summer.

It was also an opportunity to be presented with the contribution of the Economat to the support of the armed forces and internal security. Finally, it was an opportunity to discover the establishment and its staff.

This visit was a great honor to the Economat, which welcomed the CEMA and the chiefs of staff of each of the armies for the first time in its history. This honour was magnified by the presentation by General Burkhard of testimonials of satisfaction to four of the EdA employees who participated in the support of the French forces in Niamey. They assumed most of the support functions, making up for the unavailability of local staff with their personal commitment, at the cost of an overwhelming workload, until they no longer had the means to carry out their mission due to a lack of supplies to feed the forces and parts to maintain the equipment.