The last fifteen EdA employees on a support mission at the Niamey military camp landed in France on 8 November 2023.

Their return marks the exemplary end of their mission. They had all reached the end of their contracts with EdA at the beginning of September. Like their military comrades, they had been confined to the Niamey camp since the end of July.

Since that date, they had been providing support to the French soldiers in the camp, carrying out, at the cost of an overwhelming workload, not only their duties but also the tasks usually entrusted to the 80 local staff who could no longer access the camp.

And they all volunteered to extend their mission until they no longer had any means of fulfilling it – in particular until the last stocks were exhausted.

The retention of these employees was a source of considerable concern for the Économat des Armées. Their return is a huge relief!

For the EdA, it also marks the end of 10 years of support to the French army in Niger. This end is not without bitterness, but is also a reason for pride and gratitude for what our collaborators have achieved in the service of our forces.

They trust us

EDA our business


The Économat des Armées (EdA) is a public establishment under the supervision of the Armed Forces General Staff, specialising in food logistics, supplies, services and events for the armed forces. The EdA operates throughout France, including overseas, as well as abroad in support of the forces deployed or in overseas operations. The EdA's historical know-how and expertise in the organisation and management of requirements mean that it can intervene on behalf of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). The Armed Forces Commissary operates as a private company, enabling the Ministry of the Armed Forces to call on additional specialist skills. Today, the EdA is the service provider for the armed forces.


Whether in France or abroad, EdA is responsible for the management of defence restaurants. The public establishment is the link that enables certain restaurants, clubs and messes in mainland France to be outsourced to contract catering companies (SRC). For theatres of external operations and camp management, EdA manages the catering unit itself with dedicated in-house teams.


The historic mission of the Économat des Armées is to manage and transport foodstuffs, which is vital for military units. The EdA is responsible for supplying the 300 defence base sites across mainland France, including military hospitals, logistics sites, isolated camps and training grounds. Rigorous traceability and a high-performance logistics platform ensure that food is delivered at the right price and quality. Eda also supports military personnel on overseas operations (OPEX) by delivering foodstuffs and everyday items directly to French army bases and remote camps.


The Économat des Armées is responsible for equipping camps and ensuring the quality of life of soldiers stationed abroad for long months. As well as transporting food, the EdA is responsible for the accommodation of military personnel, camp security (fire protection) and day-to-day equipment (cleaning of premises, laundry service, leisure internet). Supporting military units means taking care of all contingencies so that soldiers can concentrate on their operational missions. This also includes the production of water and energy on the military camp, waste management and environmental protection, as well as the installation and dismantling of facilities. The EdA also contributes to the well-being of military personnel stationed abroad by promoting communications with their families.


The Économat des Armées also contributes to the well-being of serving personnel by facilitating communications with their families through private communications - internet service and leisure telephony - at attractive prices.


In France and abroad, the Économat des Armées implements projects in collaboration with the Ministry of the Armed Forces. The "Informal Meeting of NATO Defence Ministers" and the "60th Anniversary of the Patrouille de France" are examples of events where the EdA is involved. Logistical support can range from organising trips to running seminars, not forgetting logistical support for military exercises.

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