Who we are

Economat des Armées (EdA) is a French public company. For one hundred years, it has been doing business essentially for the benefit of the French Ministry for the Armed Forces, and several other bodies of the French Administration, as well as the African Union and the European Union.

Its areas of expertise are:

  • Food supply: EdA provides all the restaurants of the Ministry for the Armed Forces with a wide range of food products (three different temperatures).
  • Outsourcing restaurant management: EdA outsources the management of the restaurants to private catering companies.
  • Restaurant engineering: EdA designs, builds and maintains the kitchens of the Ministry for the Armed Forces. EdA also provides a kitchen equipment catalog.
  • Support to the French troops overseas: EdA is a key player in logistics. It operates or cooperates in all fields of facility management.
  • Event management: EdA organizes small and large-scale events for the benefit of the Ministry for the Armed Forces, both in France and outside France.

To find out more about us, to join us, or to work with us on thrilling topics, whether in France or abroad, please get in touch with us at contact@economat-armees.fr or at +33 1 49 42 43 44.

Over 300 million euros of turnover
500 employees worldwide